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315/80R22.5 HSC1 156/150K (M+S)


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Extreme challenges require extreme sustainability.

Sustainability, high mileage, long life cycle - three characteristics that will take you even further. These tires meet the high demands of construction traffic as much as possible and this at the lowest possible cost for your vehicle fleet.

An advanced tread profile that guarantees maximum traction.

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Technical details

The tread

  • provides maximum resistance to cuts, cracks and crumbling
  • reduces the number and especially the depth of possible incisions and damage
  • better protection of the carcass by keeping the damage superficial
  • results in optimum mileage thanks to its high durability

The belt layer

  • withstands highly concentrated pressure
  • prevents fatigue fractures
  • guarantees maximum traction due to the stiff structure
  • offers the carcass optimum protection and the most cost-effective tread renewal  

The profile

  • results in a considerably higher mileage with even wear
  • ensures reliable grip and good steering characteristics both on and off-road
  • improves the self-cleaning properties of the tire and reduces the absorption of stones for optimum carcass protection
  • combines high mileage with good traction, suitable for any terrain in any weather

The contour

  • offers maximum resistance to distortion caused by radial forces
  • minimizes the compression of the flanks, even with heavy loads
  • actively counteracts premature carcass fatigue
  • increases the carrying capacity and the tread renewal possibilities after the first life
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315/80R22.5 HSC1 156/150K (M+S)

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